Chiropractic Adjustment on Raleigh Radio Show Host at Carolina Chirocare and Rehab

Chiropractic Adjustment on raleigh radio show host at carolina chirocare and rehab

Chiropractor Raleigh NC Jeffrey Gerdes

It’s Dr. Jeffrey Gerdes here, your Raleigh Chiropractor. Here is a quick video blog of a full spine spinal chiropractic adjustment on a local radio show host from La Grande Radio.

He was in for a full spine chiropractic adjustment. These spinal adjustment helps to decrease pain, increase mobility, flexibility, strength, improve sleep disturbances, and overall well being.

Chiropractors use various non-surgical treatments in treating patients with lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, repetitive strains, headaches, car accident injuries, sports injuries, arthritic pain, muscle pain among other conditions.

While focusing on treating the neuro-musculoskeletal disorders, Raleigh NC chiropractors successfully treat and manage pain and injuries.

When appropriate, a chiropractor refers to the patient(s) to other physicians for treatment. Most chiropractors have local referral networks or work as a team with other specialists.

An adjustment was first administered to the cervical spine using the diversified technique.

The Diversified technique is one of is the popular technique in chiropractic for its ease of use and patient satisfaction.

The patient then received an anterior thoracic adjustment using the diversified technique. These spinal misalignments in the thoracic spine can cause shoulder pain, upper, mid, and lower back pain.

Often times, neck pain is associated with thoracic pain because the muscles in the upper back attach to the vertebral spine joints in the neck and head.

After checking the patient’s sacroiliac joints alignment I then administered a Gonstead method lumbar and pelvic adjustments.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction usually causes dull and nagging pain in the lower back. Often times going from sitting causes pain as well as driving, standing, sitting, or bending.

In health,

Dr. Jefrey Gerdes, D.C.

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