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Dr. Gerdes wouldn't let me give up

"I was in a lot of pain. I was diagnosed with a disc bulge and wasn't getting much help or hope from my orthopedic or pain doctors. Dr. Gerdes wouldn't let me give up. He spent a lot of time really trying to figure out what was going on with my back and how we could help it get back to normal. The exercises he had me do were key to my recovery. Highly recommend."

- Lindie L.

Read Dr. Gerdes "About Section" - It Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know!

Dr. Gerdes experience and kind nature make it very easy to recommend Carolina ChiroCare

"Skeptical, hesitant, you name it - I never thought I'd see a chiropractor, much less find significant relief from one. Then, I caved in and finally went after experiencing chronic lower back pain from carrying my 1-year-old son around a lot. Within two visits, I've seen 90-95% relief. The best part, Dr. Gerdes mentioned to me that if I feel like I need to come back in, I could call the office, but not to feel any pressure to continue because he believed the corrections he made should last.

I'd encourage anyone to first read Dr. Gerdes "About Section" and then read all the Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews they've received.

They accepted my insurance, $50 specialist co-pay. Two sessions and I was feeling much much better. I will say that Dr. Gerdes would be the first to say that chiropractic care isn't the end all be all to feel better. You have to look at it holistically, and consider diet, exercise, stretching, physical therapy, and at home care (massage, ice/heat, tens unit, etc.). I'm by no means a professional, but I have a feeling that some patients who do not find relief from chiro think that they just need a few adjustments made and then are as good as news. Put in the time and effort to strengthen your muscles and be kind to your body and you will see results.

This, plus Dr. Gerdes experience and kind nature make it very easy to recommend Carolina ChiroCare. I trust his recommendations and never felt pressured to sign up for a long-term package (they don't offer them) and I believe he took the ChrioTrust pledge ( which only 3% of chiropractors take to keep his services, affordable, convenient, and mainstream. I'd recommend his services to anyone in back pain, as long as they are willing to put in the work in addition to Dr. Gerdes chiro services."

- James H.

Carolina ChrioCare met all of my expectations

"If you're looking for a chiropractor in the Raleigh area, this office is one you should consider. I've been to several chiropractors in my lifetime, but they were all out of state. When I moved to Raleigh last year, I thought I'd check out a new one. In my opinion this is the best one I've ever been associated with. When choosing a chiropractor, I consider several factors.

First, the chiropractor has to be trained at the Palmer Chiropractor College. I feel this is the 'best of the best' colleges for up to date therapy techniques. Second, I'll choose a doctor who has been practicing for at least 15 years. Third, I look at the doctor's additional and current training courses they have attended for state of the art techniques. Fourth, I look for a smaller practice. Fifth, I stay away from the chiropractors who 'push the sales pitch' for signing up to a long term plan of treatment. And, lastly, in this era of COVID-19, I look for an office that engages in periodic cleaning of their tables, door knobs, and pens; an office that practices safe distancing; and an office whose workers wear masks.

Carolina ChrioCare met all of my expectations. Dr. Gerdes listened to all of my concerns and my past history with lower back pain. After my first treatment, I left the office without lower back pain. It was an amazing feeling. I should have found this office a year ago when I moved to Raleigh.

Take my word for it. The team at Carolina ChiroCare is the real deal when it comes to back pain relief. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a chiropractor in the Raleigh area.

- Duane N.

I Would Highly Recommend Dr. Gerdes And His Staff.

"Dr. Gerdes and his staff provided great care after my car accident. He was always professional and made sure I was receiving proper care for my condition. The staff was courteous and efficient when I came to my visits."

- Andrew B.

I’ve Been Getting Treatment There Just Over A Month Now And Man Has It Made A Difference!

"I've been getting treatment there just over a month now and man has it made a difference! He really focuses on providing relief and really knows his stuff. I rarely, if ever have pain when I leave. I may be sore for a short time, but that's expected when you have things adjusted in your spine.

On 12/31 I had a car accident that totaled my vehicle and thankfully I had an appt already scheduled so that probably helped avoid potential issues as well. He rechecked everything as if I were a new client.

They also use a product called BioFreeze they spray on the area being treated that works better, feels better, and lasts longer than anything I've used OTC. The best part is there's no odor from it that I can detect. The staff here is awesome as well, everything is well organized.

In my case, most of the issue is a compressed disc in my lower spine. Treatment is really helping. Even if you decide not to come here, you should at least have a few treatments to compare. You won't be disappointed!"

- Robert R.

I Would Highly Recommend Them To Everyone.

"My wife and I went to Raleigh to watch a hockey game. When we got to the hotel I was taking the luggage out of the truck I put my back out. I was in so much pain I could barely move. The next morning was so bad I didn’t think I could get home. My wife found Carolina ChiroCare and Rehab so she called them.

They were very very friendly and professional they took me right in. Dr. Jeffrey Gerdes was awesome he explained everything to us and worked on my back. I was able to walk out of his office without help and make it back home. I would like to thank Dr. Gerdes and his staff for taking care of me I would highly recommend them to everyone."

- Glenn J.

It Has Been Great!

"It has been great! All of my visits have been a benefit to my pain in my shoulder. I would recommend them to my family and friends."

- Patricia L.

I Finally Found An Awesome One.

"This is my third chiropractor since moving to Raleigh and I finally found an awesome one. Dr. Gerdes is the best. He gives me a quick tune-up and I'm on my way. Also, the front desk staff is super nice and always manages to fit me in at my convenience"

- Jordan B.

I’m Really Happy To Have Found This Office!

"I'm really happy to have found this office! I came in right before Hurricane Florence with shooting pain in my lower back and left leg. I was SO thankful they could see me as quickly as they did (got me on the same day for a new patient consult!). The staff and Dr. Gerdes are very friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable. In just 2 sessions and home self-care (stretching), I'm feeling tons better!! Thank you!!"

- Lindsay J.

I Have Never Felt Better.

"I have never felt better. Since getting my lower back in order, I have returned for neck pain after a fall. Again, in a short time, I felt great."

- Keith G.

The Transformation from excruciating pain to practically nonexistent pain in my lower back was unbelievable.

"The transformation from excruciating pain to practically nonexistent pain in my lower back was unbelievable. And this was after just one treatment. Dr. Gerdes goes right to the source of the issue and in just two visits now, I have developed trust in him and his staff because of a professional environment and a solution-driven program designed specifically for me."

- James I.

I Highly recommend Dr. Gerdes.

"I couldn't believe it! I was able to walk 85% better that day and walked all weekend at the amusement park with my family. I highly recommend Dr. Gerdes."

- Karen B.

Wonderful and friendly staff who are very attentive and caring.

"Wonderful and friendly staff who are very attentive and caring. Great physician as well. Everyone at Carolina Chirocare made sure I felt comfortable and was taken care of. As a new resident of the Raliegh area, I would highly recommend it!"

- Carlie S.

I am happy to say I have not had a migraine in 4 months now.

"I could tell Dr. Gerdes cared about helping me and I started to tell a real difference in a few weeks. I am happy to say I have not had a migraine in 4 months now."

- Angie W.

I was miserable with the pain of a car accident.

"I was miserable with pain from a car accident, I was not able to get any sleep and had headaches every day for two weeks, I was referred to Carolina Chirocare and Rehab - Raleigh and on my first appointment I was able to sleep, my headaches went away. I am actually very impressed with how quickly my body is responding to Dr. Jeffrey's treatment, staff members are very friendly and very helpful. I definitely give them 5 stars. I was previously treated by another holistic chiropractor and took months before I was able to feel better. Thank you, Dr. Jeffrey."

- Myra S.

I would highly recommend both Dr. Gerdes and Stacy

"I have been visiting chiropractic offices for 20 years and I have to say I am impressed. Dr. Gerdes took the time to ensure I received the treatment I needed and did a great job during my adjustment. I am a side sleeper and very active and the treatment I received during my massage from Stacy is second to none."

- Eric C.

I would highly recommend both Dr. Gerdes and Stacy

"Dr. Gerdes is the best chiropractor I have ever met. He is very caring about the pain I have. He always actively listens to me and provides the only treatments I need. Meanwhile, his whole clinic staff is super nice and amazing. You could make a call and get in on the same day."

- Xin P.

The Staff Is Always Pleasant.

"I started my treatment and therapy on 3/21/16. I had a bad accident with my six grandkids. I have been improving greatly over the last twelve weeks with a decrease in pain and a greater ability to sleep at night. I really like Dr. Gerdes because he shows compassion for my concerns and needs. The staff is always pleasant also."

- Elnora B.

I Was In A Horrible Accident And Suffered A Serious Case Of Whiplash.

"I was in a horrible accident and suffered a serious case of whiplash. The pain was unbearable. Thanks to Dr. Gerdes and the amazing staff at Carolina Chirocare, I'm feeling better than ever. The service was stellar and appointments are always flexible. Thank you Carolina Chirocare! If you have ever been in an accident, have back pain or injury I highly recommend you stop by Carolina Chirocare."

- Sean S.

I Love This Place!

"I highly suggest anyone having back and/or neck pain see Dr.Gerdes. In one visit my herniated disc pain was almost nonexistent. The staff was so nice and listened to me and my needs."

- Victoria V.

After About 7 Years My Pain Has Become A Part Of Me.

"After about 7 years my pain has become a part of me. I have finally gotten tired of the pain in my groin, hip, and back so after quietly searching and encouragement from my loved one, I am grateful to have found Dr. Gerdes and his team. I went today for the first time and although I was in too much pain to be adjusted, the therapy treatment I received had me trying to run to my car as soon as I walked out of the office.

I told my son, look at me. LOL. I really am not actually running just yet and it's been years since I have, but today's visit had me feeling noticeably better that I believed I could run. When I waited to be called I was almost tearful from anxiety about seeing a Chiropractor but now I look forward to building a plan for my recovery with this team.

The Dr. has a compassionate and professional personality and I believe he truly wants to help people...nowadays it's hard to find professionalism and quality customer service. This office definitely has it right. Thank you all so much/nice to meet you today."

- Elicia M.

I Am A Patient For Life!

"Dr. G was great! I went to him for severe pain in my back. It was hard to put weight on my legs because the pain went from my back, down my legs. I was 6 months pregnant and he was able to diagnose me and do some adjustments. Dr. Gerdes and his staff are excellent! They are very helpful, full of information, and sympathetic to everyone's needs."

- Kristine K.

They’re Extremely Professional, Kind, And Really Fast.

"They're extremely professional, kind, and really fast. Carolina chiro care and Rehab also I'm a very communicative on my experience and throughout my rehab process. Also was surprised how informational they were when I was getting the treatment that I needed. But I know I can always take this experience and learn from it to keep my body healthy. I would recommend anybody that has any type of pain or soreness or any issues with their body to come here."

- Tashaun S.

They Work With You Nonstop To Help With Your Pain.

"They are very kind and genuine people they work with you nonstop to help with your pain. I personally recommend this place for anyone that has back problems these people will get you feeling better in no time."

- Vilma M.

I Sustained Injuries From A Car Accident Recently.

"I sustained injuries from a car accident recently. Since coming to Dr. G I feel tons better. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before. From the instant, you walk in it’s warm and inviting. Clariza and Sarah are the best!!! I look forward to coming to my appointments. This is therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul! Thank you for changing my life!!!!!"

- Cristie A.

This Was My First Time Receiving Chiropractic Treatment And Has Been A Wonderful Experience.

"This was my first time receiving chiropractic treatment and has been a wonderful experience. Dr. Gerdes took his time with me during my initial appointment to discuss my care plan and answer all of my questions. I have since gone back for a few adjustments as needed for pain and treatment has been very effective. The waiting area is clean & comfortable, and the support staff has been nothing but kind, open, and honest. Highly recommended practice!"

- E. R.

I Just Wish I’d Gone Sooner.

"I had been living with worsening pain for 3 years, and the massages and exercises I tried didn't help. After Dr. Gerdes worked on me awhile and the receptionist (who was very friendly) put me on the therapy machine I felt better than I had in weeks. After a night's rest, I woke up to find the pain I'd been living with for 3 years completely gone!"

- Lisa J.

World Class.

"World-class. I had an outstanding experience and they were very helpful and professional. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for a Chiropractor."

- Jonathan G.

I highly recommend this practice.

"After one day I already felt a noticeable difference. I went back two days later for a follow-up and got another adjustment and I have no more pain at all! I will certainly go back to see Dr. Gerdes and his team as they were very helpful and informative to my issues as well as being conveniently located near my house."

- Adam M.

I Was Looking For A Different Kind Of Chiropractor, And I Found One Nearby In Dr. Gerdes.

"I was looking for a different kind of chiropractor, and I found one nearby in Dr. Gerdes. He listened to my problems, worked up a plan, and performed the kind of treatment that I requested. I feel great after my first visit. I wish I had gone earlier. I realize that I need to see him on a regular basis.

With modern technology, I do a lot of work with computers. The older I get, the more that work takes a toll on my aging body. Dr. Gerdes helps counteract the aches and pains I build up while working with computers. I think he needs to be a part of my health plan from now on. Thank you Dr. Gerdes for everything so far."

- Ed B.

I Came With Immense Pain On My Low Back, Pinching Sciatica Pain In Calf And Thighs.

"I came with immense pain on my low back, pinching sciatica pain in calf and thighs. After coming in to see dr.gerdes at Carolina Chirocare and Rehab - Raleigh and going through the treatment plan for a few weeks, the pain has gotten down a lot and I'm feeling good. I appreciate the help of dr.gerdes. I recommend everyone who has back pain and need to see a chiropractor, come and see Dr. Gerdes. Thanks!"

- Balaji S.

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