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Looking for headache treatment in Raleigh? Our Headache Treatment Center is your pain relief solution. If you have neck pain you likely also suffer from headaches. In fact, the vast majority of headaches originate from dysfunctions in the neck. Doctors that treat both neck pain and headaches know they go hand in hand.

Understanding Headaches Treatments in Raleigh

Why is this important for you? It is important for several reasons. The first is, doctors that treat both headaches and neck pain have also found that the two are not just correlated – they are often connected. In other words – problems in the neck can and do cause a lot of headaches. In fact, it is so common the there is a term for it: “cervicogenic headache.”

That’s why when patients seek treatment for their headaches, a thorough examination of the neck, upper back, and cranial nerves is routinely performed. It is common to find upper cervical movement and vertebral alignment problems present in patients complaining of headaches. These movement and alignment problems are a potential cause of headaches and should be treated for to help both neck pain and headaches.

What’s the best headache relief treatment?

Chiropractic manipulation or “adjustments” have been used for over 100 years. Chiropractic manipulations can help correct misalignments and restore proper motion to vertebral segments in your neck. Chiropractic adjustments applied to the fixated or misaligned vertebra in the upper neck often brings very satisfying relief to the headache sufferer. Exercises that promote movement in the neck, as well as strengthening exercises are also helpful in both reducing headache pain and in preventing occurrences, especially with stress or tension headaches.

How long does it take to get relief from chiropractic headache treatments?

It is impossible to predict the results of any medical treatment. That’s why ethical doctors do not guarantee results. Every case is individual and it is impossible to predict if this treatment will work for you – and if it does… how long it will take. But it is not uncommon for some headache sufferers to get relief quickly.

That’s why it is important to choose a Chiropractor that offers very flexible treatment plans that does not make you commit to long term treatment plans that can cost thousands of dollars. It makes more sense to see patients ones visit at a time and see how they are responding to treatment. This way, you can continue if it is working – and you like it – or stop any time you want. This also makes care very affordable.

If you need headache relief treatment in Raleigh,

Dr Gerdes treats neck pain and headaches with treatments that are one visit at a time. He never offers long term, expensive plans. The consultation requires no further obligation for treatment. If you have any question about neck pain and headaches or would like a consultation, just call for your

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