Top 21 Weight Loss Tips Which May Help Heal Your Back Pain!

Top 21 weight loss tips which may help heal your back pain

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Chiropractor's Top 4 Things You Can Do At home To Heal Your Back Pain can dramatically reduce low back pain (LBP). Let's look at easy ways to lose weight without the need for fancy, hard to follow diets.

What to Do

  1. Eat smaller meals throughout the day. This can give your body the feeling of fullness and help curb those craving that can be so intense the first weeks of a weight loss plan.
  2. Get your sleep. Research has shown getting proper sleep can help with weight loss. This also helps balance your cortisol levels which have been linked to excessive weight gain. These are your stress hormones that get released when your body lacks sleep or is under excessive stress.
  3. Eat your fruits and vegetables! The fiber contained in fruits and vegetables makes your stomach feel full while the healthy vitamins and minerals jump start your metabolism.
  4. Eat soup. Soup is loaded with vegetables and can make you feel full when you're hungry without weighing you down. A little trick I like to give is to add some hot sauce to your soup. This health kick can help speed up your metabolism.
  5. Cut out the refined sugars, white flours, and carbohydrates. Switch over to slow-burning carbs which help your body release insulin slowly over time. Brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and whole wheat are better to help you feel full and lose weight. They're also more anti-inflammatory and better for your overall health.
  6. Use visualization to help. Picture what you would look like without the extra weight. What clothes would you wear? Imagine the compliments he would be getting. What would your friends and family say? Visualization is a powerful tool to use with any goals.
  7. Cut out fatty meats and cheeses. Pepperoni, Bacon, processed cheeses all are very high in calories and can weigh you down as you try to lose weight.
  8. Switch over to healthy oils. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and grape seed oil are best. While they contained fat have been clinically proven to not cause weight gain. These are heart-healthy fats they give you many long-term health benefits besides weight loss.
  9. Cut out the soda and sugary drinks. You're adding extra calories and sugars which have been shown to drastically cause an increase in overall body weight and obesity. Go for that unsweet tea or ice water with lemon. This adds up over the years and can drastically impact your weight loss.
  10. Get moving. There's little explanation needed here. The more you exercise the more calories you burn and the better you feel. Move it and lose it!!
  11. Watch your alcohol intake. These are extra calories that over time add up big time. You're also much more likely while drinking to reach for those potato chips, nuts, unhealthy snacks and foods
  12. Add green tea to your diet. Green tea has been shown to speed up your metabolism. Check with your doctor beforehand because it contains caffeine.
  13. Start yoga or Pilates. Group classes help with your commitment and being around others with similar goals helps you stay committed. Studies have shown that yoga and pilates aid in weight loss. Another added benefit is relaxation which also helps lower your cortisol levels.
  14. Opt for cooking at home instead of eating out. Restaurants add extra oils, butter, frying..which taste great but don't end up helping with your weight loss goals
  15. Drink water throughout the day. This can help give you that natural metabolism boost while tricking your stomach that it is full.
  16. Eat smaller portions. Over time your body will require less food to feel full. This diet has been shown to be very effective in weight loss throughout the years.
  17. Don't be afraid to eat. You're losing weight not starving yourself!!! The key here is it is what you eat and how much you eat. Remember you never want to starve yourself it's just not healthy.
  18. Use vitamin and mineral supplementation. Like a well-oiled machine you want your body firing on all eight cylinders. A good multivitamin is always recommended along with minerals like magnesium, zinc, and potassium.
  19. Supplement creamy sauces with red sauces. The cream is high in calories and fat. Red sauces are high in antioxidants low in fat and high in fiber. Always be thinking this when losing weight. What is low in fat? High in antioxidants? And high in fiber?
  20. Go for lean meats. Lean chicken breasts, lean turkey, salmon, seafood, and fish have less fat than higher fat meats like bacon, hamburger, steaks. This is a great way to shed those extra pounds!!!
  21. Exercise, exercise, exercise! The more you move the more you lose it's a win-win.

CELEBRATE! Once you've successfully Lost the weight take yourself out for a cheat day at your favorite restaurant or binge on that pizza you've been craving

Weight loss can be easy with a little help, some hard work, and some fun invigorating healthy exercise!

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