My Top 3 Causes of Low Back Pain That you May Not Know About

My Top 3 Causes of Low Back Pain. That you May Not Know About

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It's Doctor Jeffery Gerdes here. Your Raleigh North Carolina Chiropractor.

Today I want to talk briefly about 3 main causes of low back pain that you may not know about.

  • Number 1: Would be the misalignment of the lumbar joints. These joints in your back can twist and lockout of their normal position, causing pain or discomfort may be a sharp pain in your lower back. When these joints lock or fixate out of their normal position, they can become restricted, inflamed, and cause back pain. As Chiropractors, we realign and restore the mobility to those joints which decreases spine pain.
  • Number 2: Would be a bulging, herniated, or degenerated disc in the low back. Statistically, this is the top cause of low back pain. When the lumbar disc becomes inflamed it causes a very significant amount of low back pain.
  • Number 3: Would be nerve irritation. Nerve irritation in your low back. These nerves run out of your spine and go into your leg and when irritated cause associated leg pain and numbness with the back pain. Sciatica is tingling in the back of the thigh or foot. Sciatica is a condition that can become very problematic and is something that we treat here in the office and treat successfully.

I just wanted to share with you real briefly today, 3 causes of low back pain you may not know about.

In health,

Jeffrey Gerdes, D.C.

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