The North Carolina Museum of Art Review

The North Carolina Museum of Art is located at 2110 Blue Ridge Road the museum and park were opened in 1956 and formed by state legislation. Admission to the museum is free. Check out this article from a Raleigh NC Chiropractor!

Relaxation at The North Carolina Museum of Art

The North Carolina Museum of Art was also ranked by Insider as one of the top 25 museums in the United States. The museum and park have a 4.8 rating on Google with 6,445 Google reviews.

Some of the reviews mention, “This being one of the nicest museums I have ever been to” by a local guide. Another reviewer Nicole says “the facility is beautiful architecture well-maintained and organized with wonderful outside in nature trails and rich African-American art.”

Other reviewers mention that they love going to the park for a walk-run or just to relax outside on the grass.

There is a back end network of trails that goes behind the southeastern portion of the park that wraps around and over Interstate 440 and spills onto Wade Avenue close to Whole Foods and Carolina ChiroCare and Rehab a Raleigh NC chiropractic care center.

This paved trail that flows out to Ridge Road is part of the Raleigh Greenway system of biking and walking trails. Cyclists, runners, and walkers frequent the trail.

Galleries in the Museum

The museum has over 40 galleries and includes in artistic Park outside of the museum itself, which is 164 acres of trails, and Parkland mixed in with artistic expressions and exhibits throughout the park.

There is a permanent collection of European paintings, Egyptian art, Greek and Roman art through the 18th through 20th centuries. There is also an African collection exhibit in a separate building.

The museum also hosts a gallery of European portraiture as well as French and Spanish collections. The museum also has displays from popular artists such as Pissarro and Monet paintings. I’ve personally visited museums around the world in Italy, Washington DC, and France and this museum’s collections are on par with some major metropolitan areas around the globe.

The Park

The park during the weekends is often filled with bikers, walkers, and families with their children playing. There are always groups of people gathering in chairs and blankets soaking up the sun. The North Carolina Art Museum is also a popular picnic destination. There is also a slide for children to play on as well as water fountains located at the front entrance of the museum.

There are 2 miles of trails around the museum's art park. The park even has an outdoor amphitheater, which includes a big-screen movie theater. During the summer months, the amphitheater hosts outdoor concerts and movies where you can sit outside and enjoy a movie on the big screen. Concerts are also hosted in the amphitheater during the May summer and early fall months.

Food and Entertainment

If all of this wasn’t enough the museum also has a restaurant iris. Iris features contemporary American food as well as international dishes and an artistic and modern environment. The museum and restaurant also is available for rentals for weddings.